Wisconsin Beef Council connects consumers to farmers with local beef directory


Source: Wisconsin Beef Council

via Watertown Daily Times - Sep 21, 2022 


VERONA, Wis. — The Wisconsin Beef Council created a free, digital resource to help consumers in Wisconsin research options for purchasing beef directly from the farmer.


“We know that since COVID-19, farmers have been diversifying their livestock operations,” Wisconsin Beef Council Director of Compliance and Producer Outreach Grace Link said. “They might start selling directly to the consumer in the form of shares or even cut and wrap products. We have been getting more consumers asking where they can purchase local beef or how they can get in touch with a farmer to buy local beef. We see consumers more in tune with how their beef is being raised. This is the perfect opportunity and resource to connect those producers to those consumers.”


All producers who directly sell beef off the farm or at a farmer’s market are welcome to add their information to the list by completing the online registration. The directory hosted at beeftips.com includes an interactive map so those who are searching for beef can find a convenient location.


Part of the sign-up process will ask for Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) or Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) certification. While not immediately required to be part of the directory, the Wisconsin Beef Council is encouraging beef producers to certify in person or online. These are voluntary, national programs that offer proper management techniques and a commitment to quality within every segment of the beef industry. They use current science and proven animal care practices to help farmers and ranchers raise their livestock in the best way possible.


Inclusion in the directory does not imply Wisconsin Beef Council affiliation or endorsement of services or products. Wisconsin Beef Council claims no responsibility for customer experience should anyone purchase beef from a farm, ranch, or butcher shop included in this listing or elsewhere. Beef customers are encouraged to research food choices and consult a nutrition or medical professional when appropriate. Always follow food safety guidelines and learn more tips at beeftips.com...