Walz administration criticized for Meatless Monday tweet


By Mark Dorenkamp, Brownfield

September 21, 2022


Three Minnesota Republican legislators are criticizing the Walz administration following a tweet about Meatless Mondays.


Representative Bjorn Olson of Fairmont says the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency recently tweeted about substantially reducing carbon emissions by cutting out meat on Mondays.


“And the silliness about it is they’ve completely lost grasp with reality if they think that taking one day out of our week and not eating meat on that day is going to substantially impact our climate.”


Olson and fellow Republicans Paul Torkelson and Paul Anderson issued a statement saying it’s baffling the Walz administration would promote something that could be so detrimental to the ag community.


In a statement to Brownfield, Governor Walz says as an advocate for agriculture both in the ag committee in Congress and as governor, he knows farmers are fundamental to Minnesota.  Walz says the tweet, which has been deleted, does not reflect his administration’s values and is not a policy he ever intends to put forward.


Full statement from Governor Walz:


more, including audio [5:56 min.]