USDA makes $2B boost for food banks, school meals

Assistance to address supply chain challenges and increasing food costs.


Jacqui Fatka, Beef Magazine

Sep 16, 2022


USDA will provide close to $2 billion in additional funding to food banks and school meal programs for purchasing American-grown foods. The additional support will help these organizations endure supply chain challenges and elevated food costs as they continue to fulfill their mission of providing nutritious foods to kids and families in need.


The funds, provided through USDA’s Commodity Credit Corporation, or CCC, will be used in three ways:


·         Nearly $1 billion to purchase food for emergency food providers like food banks

·         Nearly $500 million to expand the Local Food Purchase Assistance, or LFPA, cooperative agreement program, through which 49 states, 33 tribes, and four territories are already working to purchase local foods for their emergency food systems; and

·         Nearly $500 million for schools across the country to purchase food for their lunch and breakfast programs, bringing the total CCC investment in school food since December 2021 to close to $2.5 billion, benefiting the roughly 30 million students who participate in school lunch and 15 million who participate in school breakfast each day.


USDA says the investment is part of the department’s broader commitment to strengthening the supply chain...


Local food purchase assistance ...


Supply Chain Assistance funds boosted $500 million ...