Farm Science Review turns 60


By Amie Simpson, Brownfield

September 20, 2022


Ohio State University’s Farm Science Review is celebrating 60 years of providing critical information to farmers and producers.


Farm Science Review Manager Nick Zachrich discusses some of the advancements in the field show and agriculture industry during that time.


“We’re excited to share some of the things we were doing in the 60s when we started Farm Science Review. There is antique farm machinery we can compare to what modern day equipment looks like and be able to think back to research we did at Ohio State University with some of these tools back in the 60s. We developed those things that then became staples here at Farm Science Review like no-till planting and round balers,” he says. “That is something now that is commonplace around the countryside and here we are looking at some new things on the show site. As we look around the show site for our 60th anniversary, there are some things that will become very commonplace around the countryside for the next few decades.”


He says Farm Science Review has seen steady growth since then...