China to cut soybean meal in livestock feed to ensure food security


By Qi Xijia, Global Times (China)

Sep 20, 2022


Major Chinese hog farmers and feedstock producers on Tuesday explained their efforts to cut down soybean meal use in a bid to lower the country's dependence on the crop and ensure the nation's food security.


Muyuan Foods Co, a leading hog and pork producer, said the company saved 1.3 million tons of soybean meal compared with the average level by using just 6.9 percent of soybean meal in its compound feed for pig breeding in 2021.


New Hope Liuhe, China's major feedstock producer, said it used just 10.7 percent soybean meal in its feed products in 2021, about 4.6 percentage points lower than the industry average, equivalent to reducing soybean meal consumption by 1.3 million tons.


The examples were cited after the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MOA) on Monday which vowed to comprehensively reduce the use of soybean meal in feed amid efforts to ensure national food security.


The MOA pointed out that the reduction is aimed at ensuring China's food security amid uncertain external supplies and promoting high-quality development and efficiency of the industry.


China has been highly reliant on soybean imports, driven up by the demand for livestock feed, which makes it a key agricultural product for China's food security, experts said…