Hertzog hits it out


By Bob Sims, Meat+Poultry



The Hertzog family has raised beef in the Butler Mo., area “forever” according to the father and sons team of Jim, Todd, and Brian Hertzog. And now the family, and Todd specifically, have started a new beef venture by building an award-winning facility to process that cattle. Todd pointed out that growing cattle doesn’t necessarily equate to success in meat processing.


“It’s totally different people you’re dealing with, it’s a different side of the business, so there’s no correlation between the two to be honest with you,” Todd said.


Building a business


Conceptualization on the 14,000-square-foot processing facility began in 2019 and took approximately two years to complete. Todd spent a couple of years touring new plants and learning efficiency, technology, etc., but most importantly, quality. It was then that he knew he would need to act as the general contractor on construction.


“I realized that it was going to be on my shoulders,” Todd said. “Then I just did everything I could possibly do to make sure that it was done with maximum effort. That included placing every single floor drain, knowing exactly where every single switch was going on the rails.


“We had qualified, very skilled individuals that we hired along the way that were huge help, but we did not have a general contractor that came in and did that. We made every decision on basically everything that went into this place, it was all our decision, and I wouldn’t change anything about it.”


Todd’s abilities and can-do attitude paid off in multiple ways. The facility immediately won the Outstanding Mechanical Installation award from the Mechanical Contractor’s Association of Kansas City for New Processing Plant Refrigeration Under $2 million, as well as finishing construction quickly...


Serving local Beef ...


Producing premium ...


Getting things done the right way ...