Roanoke man found guilty of neglecting cattle


Abby Whitt, SWVA Today (VA)

Sep 16, 2022


A case that started unfolding in Floyd County at the beginning of the year was settled last week.


Kirk Allen Shaver, 55, of Roanoke was found guilty on charges related to a herd of what was described by law enforcement as emaciated cattle.


The commonwealth’s attorney’s office said Friday that animal control first received complaints about the 64 animals in January.


An investigation by animal control and a Virginia Tech livestock veterinarian found the cattle to be in a state of starvation and infested with parasites, Commonwealth’s Attorney Eric Branscom said.


More than half of the herd was found to be intact males, a further indication of neglect, according to the veterinarian.


Branscom said the cattle were aggressive and some were wounded from fighting with each other.


The animals have been held and cared for on another farm since being seized in February, and Branscom said this week they are all less aggressive and gaining weight.


The Floyd County Board of Supervisors worked with that farm’s owner to pay for the herd’s needs while in his care.


Shaver was ordered to...