Walmart Canada sharpens out-of-stock intelligence

Focal Systems computer vision on-shelf availability platform goes chainwide


Supermarket News

Sep 14, 2022


Walmart Canada is turning to artificial intelligence help keep its grocery shelves smartly stocked — and its customers happy, whether they’re shopping in the store or online for delivery or pickup.


It should cheer up company employees, too.


Mississauga, Ontario-based Walmart Canada said Wednesday that, following a 70-store pilot, it’s now deploying Focal Systems’ computer-vision AI solution for on-shelf availability chainwide. The retailer began testing the Focal Systems platform in 2020 and expanded it to additional stores across the country in 2021 as part of a $3.5 billion investment in technology for store transformation, focusing on omnichannel.


Integrated with Walmart Canada’s current inventory systems, Focal Systems’ technology uses cameras to automatically detect out-of-stock or low-stock situations and directs store staff to replenish merchandise in key departments such as grocery, pets, health and beauty, frozen and dairy...


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