How McDonald’s reduced time-to-hire by 60%


By Nick Otto, Human Resource Executive

September 15, 2022


Many employers in the retail and food industries have felt the impacts of the Great Resignation more than most and have been looking for solutions to help fill the talent pool while maintaining brand and company culture.


That’s led many to increasingly adopt AI and automation. Is that shift as scary as some believe? Fast food giant McDonald’s thinks so.


“Are we taking human experience out with automation?” said Alexa Morse, director of HR operations and execution at McDonald’s, noting that, despite her initial fears about incorporating more automation into HR processes, the pivot has paid off.


Speaking Wednesday at the HR Technology Conference and Exposition, she said the company has seen great success since partnering with Paradox in 2019 and rolling out McHire, the burger chain’s AI-enabled hiring platform.


“It helps us hire faster, but what we’re getting out of that is offering a more personalized experience and engaging candidates between steps, especially now when the employee experience is at its most critical,” she said.


Designing the McHire solution required a collaboration not only with Paradox but also with many of the franchisees, whom she said were the “people experts.” All the stakeholders came together to deliver something that both worked for corporate-owned restaurants and also gave franchisees the capability to customize the platform to their needs.


There was extensive testing and piloting, Morse said...


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