Domestic demand and partnerships create strong pork exports


By Riley Smith, Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network

September 12, 2022


Excitement for exports continue to grow as Mexico once again is the top market for U.S. pork. Courtney Knupp, vice president of international market development with the National Pork Board, says numbers remain well above last year’s record pace.


“They have just been a great customer, especially with that ham primal, and it’s important that we’ve seen the U.S. Meat Export Federation is now looking to differentiate specifically U.S. branded pork, and our hams versus hams of other origins especially domestic, because our product is not additionally pumped, so our product weight is real pork,” Knupp said.


Knupp said the stronger U.S. dollar has caused some headwinds for exporting pork, but domestic demand is strong.


“Are products more expensive, versus other competitors’ products,” Knupp said. “We also looked at our herd size is smaller than last year, and we have fantastic domestic demand, which is keeping more of us pork in U.S. supermarkets for U.S. consumers, and that’s not a bad thing.”


Knupp said the consistent investing in our markets is paying back in big dividends with the partnership of the U.S. Meat Export Federation...


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