Challenging Amazon In The Race To Transform The $11 Trillion Grocery Retail Market


Gil Press, Senior Contributor, Forbes 

Sep 15, 2022


When Amazon opened to the public its first checkout-free convenience store in 2018, digital transformation has reached yet another corner of our previously analog lives. With its expanding chain of Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh stores, Amazon has created, yet again, a new consumer experience and a new catalyst for innovation in an established market.


As happened in other domains Amazon has reshaped, reenergized and rattled, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists jumped in quicky, racing to take a piece of the new action in the $11.3 trillion global market. Grocery retail tech has raised a record-setting $19 billion in 2021, up 115% from the prior year, according to CB Insights.


Israeli startup Trigo is one of a number of new ventures worldwide that are aiming to outsmart Amazon in upgrading our grocery shopping experience. The three major complaints about grocery shopping, says Michael Gabay, Trigo’s co-founder and CEO, are “waiting in line, out-of-stock products, and not knowing where the product you want is located.”


With these requirements in mind, Trigo has developed a retail operating system, combining AI, smart sensors, and computer vision in one platform running various store, inventory, and customer management applications.


The first application developed by Trigo, currently deployed by leading grocery store chains in the U.K. (Tesco), Germany (REWE and Netto), The Netherlands (ALDI Nord), the U.S. (Wakefern Food Corp.), and Israel (Shufersal), turns traditional grocery stores into frictionless supermarkets where shoppers can walk in, select their items, and walk out without having to queue at checkout or scan any items...


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