US and Canada continue to be key markets for UK red meat

UK pork exports to the US rise 74% over last year; Canada up 58%


By: Global Ag Media

via The Pig Site - 15 September 2022


According to an AHDB news release, pork exports from the UK to America topped £17 million in the first half of the year – up a massive 74% from the same time last year.


According to the latest figures from HMRC, the US is proving to be a growing market for UK red meat exports, with nearly 5,000 tonnes of pork shipped from January to June.


America has also imported 805 tonnes of beef from the UK, worth £5.2 million. However, shipments will slow for the remainder of 2022 as the beef import quota has been filled, which means UK exporters now face a tariff of 26.4%.


Lamb from the UK could soon compliment the pork and beef export figures, with the first commercial shipments expected to commence later this year.


“The US continues to be an important market for our red meat exports," said AHDB senior export manager Susana Morris. "While beef shipments are expected to slow, our pork exports remain strong and the prospect of UK lamb arriving in America later this year, provides us with a great deal of optimism for the remainder of 2022.”


Red meat exports to Canada have also increased significantly this year, with beef shipments up nearly 58% to 1,924 tonnes – worth £7.4 million. Canada has also imported £4.8 million worth of pork, which is up 31 per cent, and almost £1.5 million worth of lamb – up from £629,000 during the same period last year.


The US and Canada continue to be a key focus for AHDB’s export team, with activity taking place throughout the year to help develop crucial relationships with importers and grow shipments to both countries...