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·         Meat industry is watching railroad labor issue closely

·         Congress could move to prevent railroad strike



Meat industry is watching railroad labor issue closely


By Larry Lee, Brownfield

September 14, 2022


Meat producers, processors, and exporters hope the railroads and their employee unions can quickly end their labor dispute.


Joe Schuele with the U.S. Meat Export Federation tells Brownfield around 15% of U.S. meat utilizes inland rail transportation, but transportation is all interconnected and a disruption in one area impacts other forms of transportation. “The vast majority would move by truck. We would see some major interruptions if there is a rail strike. All of agriculture is rightfully concerned about that possibility.”


Schuele says the meat processing industry has been forced to be nimble over the last few years to move its products.


Allison Rivera with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association tells Brownfield railroads seldom transport cattle, but they’re vital for supplying inputs. “It’s a huge sector of the overall supply chain, of the transportation around this country, and the thought of not being able to move feed efficiently and timely, which is something we’ve continued to keep an eye on, is certainly a scary situation and one we’re certainly concerned about.”


And she doesn’t want existing supply chain issues to get worse. “And something like a strike in the rail space would certainly cause major, major issues on top of other issues we’re having in the supply chain. It would be very, very detrimental.”


Rivera says NCBA needs all parties to come to an agreement and resolve issues to protect their producers...





Congress could move to prevent railroad strike


By Amie Simpson, Brownfield

September 14, 2022


House Agriculture Committee Ranking Member Glenn GT Thompson says the potential for a railroad strike couldn’t have come at a worst time.


“We need to be moving agriculture commodities. We still have supply chain disruptions, let alone everything else that rail is carrying, which is an important part of our economy,” he says. “I’m hoping the Biden administration, because that’s normally where this falls in the Executive Branch to intervene and help with those negotiations, can avoid that strike from occurring.”


Ohio Farm Bureau members are in the nation’s capital this week. Today, they spoke with lawmakers about the importance of keeping trains running as well as other top priority issues.


Congressman Troy Balderson tells Brownfield “it’s becoming something a little bit different with the rail piece coming into play because of the amount of agricultural products that are moved by rail. In my office today, in the meetings I had, that popped up to the number one issue.”


Balderson says Congress could move to prevent a strike...