Government under pressure to make carbon footprint labels on restaurant menus ‘mandatory’ following extreme heatwave

Following the UK's record-breaking heatwave, animal-rights charity Viva! is demanding the government prioritise carbon footprint labels.


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4th August 2022


The government is under increasing pressure to make carbon footprint labels on restaurant menus in the UK ‘mandatory’.


It follows the extreme heatwave that sweltered the nation last month, with temperatures hitting a record-high of 40.3°C.


Animal rights charity Viva! has now launched an online petition to prevent the worsening of climate change and species extinction.


‘We need more awareness’


“Displaying carbon calculations on menus is significantly more important to the health of the UK and the planet than calories at this pivotal moment in time,” Viva! states.


“Meat, dairy, fish and eggs have a considerably higher negative impact on the planet than vegan alternatives. We need more awareness of the link between our food choices and the environment”.


According to the charity, eating just one beef burger can generate as much as 3.05kg CO2 per serving. This is the equivalent of driving the average UK petrol car for more than 10 miles. In comparison, vegan alternatives produce just 0.3kg CO2e.


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