Popeyes class action alleges chicken tenders falsely advertised as coming from tenderloin


By Abraham Jewett, Top Class Actions

August 2, 2022


Popeyes chicken tenders class action lawsuit overview:


·         Who: Natasha Sanders filed a class action lawsuit against Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.

·         Why: Sanders claims Popeyes deceives consumers into falsely believing that its Chicken Tender products are made entirely with chicken tenderloin meat.

·         Where: The class action lawsuit was filed in New York federal court.


Popeyes falsely markets, advertises, and sells its Chicken Tender products since the item is not in fact made entirely from chicken tenderloins, a new class action lawsuit alleges.


Plaintiff Natasha Sanders claims Popeyes’ customers are deceived into buying a “more desirable” product which they believe will be juicier—as well as more expensive—than what it actually turns out to be.


Sanders argues that, rather than using chicken tenderloins, Popeyes uses other meat from the chicken breast, which she claims is less tender and juicy.


“As a result, the Products are not chicken tenders and are therefore falsely and deceptively advertised,” states the Popeyes class action.


Sanders wants to represent a nationwide Class and New York subclass of consumers who have purchased any of Popeyes Chicken Tender products.


Popeyes’ customers paid ‘premium price’ for Chicken Tenders ...


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