Joey Chestnut eats 44 chicken fingers in five minutes to set new world record

Chestnut celebrated National Chicken Finger Day by eating a lot of food at Raising Cane's


By Chris Bengel, CBS Sports 

Jul 28, 2022


Just weeks after winning his 15th Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, Joey Chestnut has made more waves on the competitive eating circuit. On Wednesday, Chestnut ate 44 Raising Cane's chicken fingers in just five minutes. That's good enough for the new world record.


Wednesday marked National Chicken Finger Day and Chestnut celebrated by adding this new feat to his resume at a new Raising Cane's location on the Las Vegas Strip. From the looks of it, Chestnut was able accomplish the feat by using sauce at points, which the restaurant chain is famous for.


A crowd was on hand to cheer Chestnut on as he consumed quite a large amount of chicken tenders.


"The environment is as good as the food, and their chicken fingers are the best in the world," Chestnut told TMZ.


As crazy as it may sound, Chestnut kept eating the famous chicken fingers even after the clock expired. Chestnut also revealed that he plans to come back and try to break his own chicken finger record at some point down the road…


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