Nebraska Integrated Beef Systems hub now named Beef Innovation

Hub focused on biggest challenges facing beef production and natural resources, bringing together people best equipped to solve them.


Source: University of Nebraska-Lincoln IANR

via Beef Magazine - Aug 04, 2022


An interdisciplinary effort to bring together University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty, staff and students working to improve the efficiency, resilience and profitability of beef production has a new name.


Beef Innovation, a hub for beef excellence, brings together researchers, instructors and extension professionals with expertise in genetics, ruminant nutrition, grassland systems, climate, precision livestock management, ag economics, engineering and other fields of study related to beef production to holistically advance beef systems.


The program, formerly known as the Nebraska Integrated Beef Systems or NIBS hub, was formed in 2015.


"Beef innovation is what we've been about from the very beginning," says Galen Erickson, one of the leaders of the program. "We wanted a straight-forward name, and Beef Innovation certainly fits. We are going to focus on the biggest challenges facing beef production and natural resources and bring together the people best equipped to solve them."


Since the hub's inception, Beef Innovation-affiliated faculty have launched a number of interdisciplinary projects, including...