Council certifies ballot question language that could ban new slaughterhouses in Sioux Falls


Trevor J. Mitchell, Sioux Falls Argus Leader (SD)

Aug 2, 2022


The Sioux Falls City Council has certified the language of a ballot question that could ban new slaughterhouses in the city if voters approve it this November.


The proposal grew out of opposition to Wholestone Farms, a Nebraska-based pork processor that last year announced its intention to spend $500 million on a plant in northeastern Sioux Falls.


As City Clerk Tom Greco said at the last meeting as well as at this one, the council's vote was not on the merits of the proposal, but simply the next step outlined in state law after petitioners were found to have gathered enough signatures.


While the ordinance passed unanimously without discussion on Tuesday night, Councilor David Barranco said in a statement that "Many friends and neighbors have expressed valid concerns on this contentious topic," noting the council was "bound by law" to send the issue to the ballot, given that petitioners had gathered the proper number of signatures.


"Put this issue on the November ballot," Barranco said. ôLet the voters speak."


If sent to the ballot and approved by the voters, the following text would be added to the city's code of ordinances: