China's Latest Land Purchase Could Pose Major U.S. Security Risk


By Jenna Hoffman, Drovers

August 3, 2022


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, along with other Congress members, set off on a high-profile Asia tour this week. While Pelosi’s office didn’t disclose Taiwan in the tour, her plane landed there on Tuesday.


Ahead of the meeting, China made their sentiments on the matter known through various statements and, most recently, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army conducting live-fire drills on Pingtan, an island in the Taiwan Strait, according to Jim Wiesemeyer, ProFarmer policy analyst.


Regarding the visit, China’s foreign minister spokesperson Zhao Lijian says, “The Chinese People’s Liberation Army will not sit back.” Following Lijian’s statement, China sent warplanes to the Taiwan Strait on Tuesday.


Upon Pelosi's plane leaving Taiwan on Wednesday, China claimed it will continue it's live-fire drills surrounding Taiwan beginning Thursday.


Meanwhile, Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS) told AgriTalk Host Chip Flory that Pelosi’s visit isn’t about seeing whether China will “stay in their box.”


“This is not about whether the Speaker can go to Taiwan,” he says. “Let’s reengage in the Pacific with the Trans-Pacific Partnership, let’s trade with our friends in the pacific, let’s get our economy in shape so that we’re a stronger country. That’s how we compete with China.”


While China raises concerns over American boots on the ground in Asia, the country continues to grow its own footprint in the U.S.


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