… it has made it very clear that it sees meat-free products as a key part of its future… 



Burger King's Menu Might Look Very Different Soon

The "Home of the Whopper" sees a future where its menu looks very different.


Daniel Kline, TheStreet 

Aug 3, 2022


Fast food generally means greasy and bad for you.


Few people visit a McDonald's, Burger King, or a Wendy's looking for a healthy meal. And, in a broad sense, those who visit any of those chains' U.S. locations won't have an easy time finding it, if they're looking for healthy choices.


Wendy's does offer some salads that are actually not bad for you and you could get a plain baked potato, but much of the menu is built around burgers, fried chicken, and french fries. McDonald's does not even offer salads in the U.S. It has tried to add them to the menu (McSalad shakers anyone?) but the chain's audience has largely not been interested.


Basically, while they have made some concessions when it comes to kids' meals, McDonald's and Wendy's know what they are and who their customers are. Both understand that the people coming through the door want a Big Mac or something with the word Baconator in the title.


In fact, both chains have stopped selling any sort of plant-based burger. McDonald's recently stopped selling its McPlant in the U.S. after its trial period ended. Wendy's tried a bean-based burger in 2021, but it disappeared before making any sort of a mark.


Restaurant Brands International's Burger King, however, has kept the plant-based Impossible Whopper on its menu while also offering its plant-based patty as an option on other sandwiches. The chain has not talked a lot about how sales have gone for its plant-based products, but it has made it very clear that it sees meat-free products as a key part of its future.


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