Science-based protocols, vigilance keep ASF, FMD, LSD out of Australia


The Cattle Site 

03 August 2022


An Australian industry task force confirms African swine fever, foot-and-mouth disease and lumpy skin disease are not present in the country. Neighboring country Indonesia announced a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak recently that has spread to 37 provinces.


Australia is free of lumpy skin disease (LSD) and foot-and-mouth disease (FMD). This is the key message Murray Watt, minister for agriculture, and a task force of representatives from Animal Health Australia, Department of Agriculture, National Farmers Federation and The Red Meat Advisory Council shared with viewers during a late-July webinar. Originally formed to address LSD, the task force recently added FMD to its oversight and brought in representatives of the pork and wool industries.


The task force intends that Australia maintain its disease-free status but noted it will take vigilant inspection and testing of imported food products and travelers arriving from countries where the diseases exist.


“Our government is taking this incredibly seriously,” Watt said. “I know people are stressed about the possibility of foot-and-mouth, but also lumpy skin disease getting into the country. That’s why we have been working day and night in partnership with industry to do what we can to keep these diseases out.


“The other message I really want to give you is that Australia remains FMD-free, ASF, or African swine fever-free and LSD, lumpy skin disorder-free, as well.”


Acting based on science helps bring security ...


Inspection, detection are effective ...