Indonesia aims to control foot and mouth disease by end of year


Source: Reuters

via The Cattle Site - 02 August 2022


The country is vaccinating millions of livestock


Indonesia is aiming to get its foot and mouth disease (FMD) outbreak under control by the end of this year, a government official said on Tuesday, as it forges ahead with a programme to vaccinate millions of livestock, reported Reuters.


More than 455,000 livestock in 23 of the archipelago's 37 provinces have been infected with the disease as of Tuesday, according to government data, with 4,720 animals killed by the disease and 7,561 more slaughtered.


Cattle producing countries including Australia and New Zealand have raised their guard against FMD after infections were found in Indonesia's holiday island of Bali.


"We hope by the end of this year, we can control the situation by having the number of cases reported reduced from time to time," Wiku Adisasmito, spokesperson for the government task force handling the outbreak, told a briefing...