Spread of African Swine Fever Continues to Impact the Global Pork Outlook


By Jennifer Shike, FarmJournal's Pork 

August 2, 2022


The spread of African swine fever (ASF) isn’t slowing down across the globe. Rabobank says this will continue to impact production and trade for pork producers around the world.


ASF Cases in Germany and Italy Spread Risks to Western Europe


The deadly virus of pigs continues to remain active in eastern Europe and spread west from its first appearance in Germany in September 2020.


The disease has jumped to domestic farms close to the French and Dutch viruses. Meanwhile, in Italy, the virus has traveled from the initial outbreak area toward Rome, approximately 250 miles away. 


Experts believe human activity is to blame for the spread as wild boar movements are typically confined to smaller areas. Regardless of whether the cases are being discovered on commercial farms or in wild boar populations, the outcome is the same: trade disruptions.


“ASF-related trade restrictions, however, disrupt European markets, creating an oversupply of certain products and pressuring prices,” Rabobank says in its Global Pork Quarterly Q3 report. “German is suffering from discounted carcass values as the markets for large offtakers of offal – such as China and South Korea – remain closed.”


ASF Threatens Asia and North America Pork Industries ...


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