U.S. experts discuss benefits of DDGS at International Pork Congress

Thaler provided an explanation of the nutritional characteristics of DDGS, while Stein focused on the importance of calcium, phosphorus and phytase in weaning.


Source: U.S. Grains Council

via National Hog Farmer - Jul 27, 2022


To increase awareness of distiller's dried grains with solubles usage in Peruvian swine diets and strengthen ties with the pork sector, the U.S. Grains Council sponsored four speakers at the annual International Pork Congress organized by the Peruvian Pork Association.


The event provided updated information on swine health, production, feed manufacturing, nutrition, marketing and challenges and innovations faced by the sector worldwide. Half the 500 attendees were Peruvian pork producers.


"The pork industry in Peru grows every year, recently at higher rates than poultry production. Even though the sector was impacted first by the pandemic and most recently by higher input prices, its story of resilience is a sign of a tireless job done year after year by producers and their industry association ASOPORCI," says Ana Ballesteros, USGC marketing director in Latin America. "In the association, the council found a strategic ally. Supporting its efforts to continue developing the industry has the double benefit of reinforcing our relationship with it and contributing to its growth and, therefore, feed grains demand."


Robert Thaler from South Dakota State University spoke on behalf of the council during the first day of programming. Thaler provided participants with an explanation of the nutritional characteristics of DDGS, recommended inclusion rates and potential benefits of including DDGS in swine formulas...