Trader Joe's latest to join unionizing wave sweeping across US

A Trader Joe’s in Massachusetts has become the latest to join newly unionized businesses across the country, following successful unionization attempts at some Amazon and Apple locations. The 2022 fiscal year has seen a 58% increase in union petitions.


By Mark Pratt, Associated Press       

via The Christian Science Monitor - July 31, 2022


Employees at a Trader Joe’s supermarket in Massachusetts last week became the latest workers at a major company to approve a labor union.


The store in Hadley, about 80 miles west of Boston, is the first Trader Joe’s with an employees union, although workers at two other company locations have initiated unionization efforts…


... Now that the union has been approved, the next step is putting together a negotiating committee to hammer out a contract with the California-based company, which has about 530 stores nationwide.


“We must embrace this challenge head on, together, and negotiate a contract that reflects the values Trader Joe’s has long claimed to espouse,” the union said in its tweet.


Trader Joe’s United is an independent union and not affiliated with a larger existing union, although organizers have received administrative and legal help from established unions, 18-year Trader Joe’s employee Maeg Yosef said...


Workers from at least two other Trader Joe’s locations have initiated unionization efforts. Employees at a Minneapolis location have a union vote scheduled for Aug. 11 and 12, while the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7 on Tuesday filed a union election petition with the National Labor Relations Board on behalf of crew members at a Boulder, Colorado store...