Farmers Work to Make the Farm Socially Acceptable


By Pamela Smith, DTN/Progressive Farmer



DECATUR, Ill. (DTN) -- Marc Arnusch is a hands-on kind of guy when it comes to tending crops. On the other hand, the Keenesburg, Colorado, farmer believes strongly in keeping the farm virtually visible to customers and the public through a variety of social media tools.


Luke Garrabrant has grown up in the electronic age, so developing a farm website seemed a logical way to try to broaden his farming reach. Still, the Johnstown, Ohio, farmer has also taken his communication efforts old-school by printing and mailing a newsletter. He's been wowed by the landlord response to the two pages of pictures and text that outline seasonal happenings around the farm.


The reasons and methods may vary behind these efforts, but both farmers have come to appreciate the importance of telling the story of their farms and family. Participating in DTN's View From the Cab series is an extension of that communication effort. Each week they volunteer their time to provide crop progress reports and thoughts on a variety of rural topics and issues.


This week the farmers talk about how they are working to develop a social media presence and why. In the field, there is hay to bale and barley harvest to finish. As the dog days of August approach, they continue to watch the skies for rainfall to help fill the crop.