K-State launches effort to expand meat processing in Kansas

KDA's meat inspection staff have spoken with more than 80 individuals interested in operating a new custom or inspected meat processing facility.


Source: Kansas State University Research and Extension

via National Hog Farmer - Aug 01, 2022


A rush to locally produced meat partly necessitated more than two years ago by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has spawned consumer's interest in direct-to-consumer processing businesses, says a group of Kansas State University experts.


Dustin Pendell, an agricultural economist with K-State Research and Extension, says that while consumers have always expressed an interest in locally processed meat, "Kansas has seen an increasing demand for local, direct-to-consumer meat processing businesses."


Jessie Vipham, an assistant professor in K-State's Department of Animal Sciences and Industry, notes that from January 2020 to March 2022, the Kansas Department of Agriculture granted licenses to seven new custom meat processing facilities in the state.


Plus, she says, "the KDA's meat and poultry inspection staff have spoken with at least 82 individuals who have expressed interest in operating a new custom or inspected meat processing facility in Kansas."


In July, K-State's Global Food Systems initiative awarded a grant to Vipham, Pendell and Rachel Mui an assistant professor of management in K-State's College of Business Administration to further develop the capacity of meat processing businesses in Kansas...