Windsor High School to raise cattle for cafeteria food

Students will learn how to raise livestock in new initiative


By Matthew Benninger, WBNG (NY)

Aug. 1, 2022


WINDSOR (WBNG) -- Where’s the beef? Apparently at the Windsor Central School District.


The school district announced Monday that New York State has given it $89,870 to increase the number of New York beef included in the district’s meals. It will also provide students with the opportunity to engage with livestock.


The district said it will use the money to buy cows for the Windsor High School agriculture program. The beef will be provided to the high school cafeteria.


“This gives students an opportunity to learn all about raising a meat animal because it’s not easy,” said Windsor Central High School Agriculture Teacher Tina Miner-James. “The end result is something that you are going to feed people with. The expectation is that that product is good. You want to raise it in such a way that the consumer enjoys it.”