Undeclared McDonalds Cost Australian Airline Passenger $1,874 in Fines

A foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in one of Australia's favorite vacation spots has the government cracking down on items that could bring it home.


By Erin Marquis, Jalopnik

Aug 1, 2022


What may go down as one of the most expensive McDonald’s breakfasts in Australian history, a traveller heading home from a holiday in Bali was hit was a fine of 2,664 Australian dollars ($1,874) for two undeclared McMuffins and a ham croissant, as well as other items of contraband smuggled in their carryon luggage last week.


Australia is cracking down on biosecurity following an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in Indonesia spread to Bali — a favorite vacation spot for Australians. The government is investing $9.8 million to keep the disease out of Australia, including more biosecurity sniffing dogs and sanitation foot mats to prevent travelers from bringing the highly infectious disease into the country.


The offending breakfast was caught by a biosecurity sniffing dog at the Darwin Airport in the country’s Northern Territory. From CNN: