Change slow for U.S.-Cuba trade policy


Gene Lucht, Iowa Farmer Today

AgUpdate - Jul 30, 2022


Cuba always seems to be a place where a great deal is happening, but nothing really seems to be changing. At least that has often been the case with U.S. policy toward Cuba and trade between the two nations.


Trade with Cuba seemed to be starting to open up during the Clinton administration, only to be reduced again during the Bush administration. The Obama administration made big strides toward opening trade with Cuba, but the Trump administration shut those down.


Recently the Biden administration made some steps toward opening things back up again, but they were small steps, says Paul Johnson with the USA Coalition for Cuba.


ďI would say Iím disappointed so far,Ē Johnson says of the Biden administration moves.


The administration allowed some travel again, meaning professional groups may go to Cuba. The amount of money that could be sent to Cuba by relatives and others in the United States was also increased.


Those were good moves, Johnson says, but they fell well short of what is needed and what many expected. For example, those people-to-people groups canít stay in most Cuban hotels. While more money can be sent, Americans still canít use Western Union to send it.


ďThey didnít roll back a lot of Trumpís executive orders,Ē he says...