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·         U.S.: Cement shortage could affect I-90 project

·         Canada: National cement shortage putting pressure on construction projects



Cement shortage could affect I-90 project


by: Bob Mercer, KELOLAND TV (SD)

Jul 28, 2022


PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — Cement producers in the region are looking at allocating weekly amounts to highway contractors for projects, the South Dakota Transportation Commission learned Thursday.


Craig Smith, director of operations for the state Department of Transportation, said the shortage could affect work on the Salem-Humboldt segment of I-90. He said paving on that stretch was going to start in August.


GCC manufactures cement at its Rapid City plant. “We’re reaching out to them (GCC) as well as suppliers,” Smith told the commission...





National cement shortage putting pressure on construction projects


Spencer Turcotte, CTV News Kitchener (Canada)

Jul 27, 2022


 A cement shortage is putting pressure on Canada's construction industry, and the effects are already being felt.


Cement is a key ingredient for concrete, and with it being in short supply, construction companies are seeing delays pile up.


“It takes a lot longer to make than it does to use it,” says Sheldon Benson, president of Small Concrete Jobs Ltd., which services Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and surrounding areas.


He adds, “I don't know anyone who's not behind right now. We're waiting on deliveries, on this, on that.”


Construction crews rely on concrete contractors to get them what they need to get the job done, but when the contractors also can't get what they need, it creates a perfect storm.


“Because we have schedules to meet, it delays another wall that goes up that’s not concrete,” said Mark DePass with Kitchener-based Ball Construction.


The Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario points to labour shortages, increased demand and soaring prices as reasons for the short supply. Several Ontario cement plants also experienced significant equipment breakdowns at the beginning of July, contributing to the shortage. These factors combined are resulting in projects being pushed or cancelled altogether...