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·         Amazon’s physical store sales rise 12.5%

·         Amazon Got a Big Boost During the Pandemic—And So Did Its Carbon Emissions



Amazon’s physical store sales rise 12.5%


Jeff Wells and Daphne Howland, GroceryDive

Aug. 1, 2022


Dive Brief:


o   Sales at Amazon’s retail stores, which include Whole Foods Market, Amazon Fresh and Amazon Go, rose 12.5% in the company’s second financial quarter, reaching just over $4.7 billion, according to a Friday earnings release.

o   Amazon Fresh opened 12 stores in the U.S. and the U.K. during the period, which ended June 30.

o   Amazon’s e-commerce sales, which include store-based grocery delivery and pickup, dropped for the second straight quarter, falling 4.3% in Q2.


Dive Insight:


Amazon has strung together a series of quarterly increases in year-over-year physical store sales, indicating the company’s specialty and tech-enhanced stores are resonating with shoppers even as prices climb.


Although Amazon didn’t specifically call out the impact of inflation on its store sales, the fact is that those higher prices coupled with elevated at-home spending are flowing through to grocers’ bottom lines. Spending at grocery stores increased 8.3% in June, according to estimated data from the U.S. Census Bureau.


The vast majority of Amazon’s store fleet consists of Whole Foods locations, which now number more than 500. The specialty chain has continued to open locations at a steady clip, with five store openings announced in July alone. Amazon has also announced the addition of its Just Walk Out system and new-and-improved Dash Carts to Whole Foods stores, showing that Amazon sees its proprietary technology as a way to further boost sales at the chain...


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Amazon Got a Big Boost During the Pandemic—And So Did Its Carbon Emissions


By Matt Day, Bloomberg

via TIME - August 1, 2022 Inc. said its carbon footprint grew 18% in 2021, as the company’s rapid growth during the pandemic overwhelmed nascent efforts to cut its contribution to the emissions warming the planet.


The world’s largest online retailer emitted 71.54 million metric tons of carbon-dioxide equivalent last year, Amazon disclosed on Monday in an updated edition of its sustainability report. That’s up about 40% since the company first disclosed the figure, with data from 2019.


Amazon’s carbon intensity –- a measure that divides its emissions by gross merchandise sales –- fell 1.9%, an indication of the company’s success in delivering products and running its warehouses, data centers and offices more efficiently.


Amazon aims to become a “net zero” emitter of greenhouse gases by 2040. Besides cutting emissions with electric vehicles and other operational initiatives, Amazon plans to buy credits linked to projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere. The net-zero pledge presents a huge challenge for a company that seeks to grow like a startup and operates a cargo airline, a sprawling retail and logistics business, grocery stores and data centers...


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