AAMP presents top awards at 2022 Convention

AAMP bestowed its Accomplishment and Achievement Awards during the closing banquet of its annual convention.


Source: American Association of Meat Processors

via The National Provisioner - July 29, 2022


The American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP) gave out its annual Accomplishment and Achievement Awards during the closing banquet of its annual convention, held July 14–16 in Des Moines. This year, the Accomplishment Award was presented to Danny Mendes of Tulare Locker & Sausage Co., in Tulare, Calif. The AAMP Achievement Award, the association’s highest honor, went to Kevin & Heather Western.


AAMP Accomplishment Award


The American Association of Meat Processors’ Accomplishment Award is a recognition reserved for an AAMP member who has been in the meat industry for a relatively short period of time and has distinguished him or herself through new products, marketing, services, or growth.


Danny Mendes began working as a cleanup boy at Tulare Locker Service when he was 13 years old. The business opened in 1976 and was located 5 blocks from where he was raised. Mendes then left Tulare for the San Francisco Bay area and became an iron worker. In June of 2003, the owner of Tulare Locker Service called Mendes and told him he was interested in selling the business. He moved back to Tulare where all his family was located and, in September, bought the business.


In 2014, Mendes wanted to get more into curing and smoking sausages. He wanted to make his grandmother’s linguica recipe but didn’t have the right equipment. He built an extra room on the business and bought a mixer, a stuffer and his first smokehouse and started making linguica. Mendes started making many different flavors of sausage and changed the name of the company to Tulare Meat Locker and Sausage Company. The business now offers more than 70 types of sausages.


In 2016, Mendes joined the California Association of Meat Processors, entered his first state cured meats competition and came home with 11 awards. In 2017 he joined AAMP, entered the American Cured Meats Championship and won grand champion for his smoked sausage and reserve grand champion for his Andouille sausage. To date Mendes has won 55 state awards, including 2 best of show, and 12 national awards at the ACMC.


“Danny has made a commitment to excellence and his customers are the beneficiaries of that commitment,” AAMP Executive Chris Young said of Mendes.


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