86,900 bags of P.F. Chang’s Beef & Broccoli have something else. They’ve been recalled


By David J. Neal, Miami Herald 

July 31, 2022


A packing error that can range from annoying to perilous for consumers caused food colossus Conagra to recall 119,581 pounds — or 86,968 22-ounce bags — of P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Beef & Broccoli meal.


This doesn’t concern food served at P.F. Chang’s restaurants.


According to the USDA recall notice, two consumers let Conagra know that their bagged frozen meals didn’t contain beef and broccoli, but rather “a chicken-based product.” Conagra determined that the bags in lot No. 5006 2146 2012 with a best by date of May 21, 2023 contained orange chicken.


While that merely produces eye rolls and snarls if you were really in the mood for beef and broccoli, it’s a real problem if you have an egg allergy. The orange chicken has egg, the beef and broccoli doesn’t, so egg isn’t listed among the allergens on the packaging...