The Costco Meat Myth You Should Stop Believing, According To Reddit


By Matt Byrne, Mashed

July 29, 2022


Hard though it may be to believe, (cue the eye-roll) there's a lot of misinformation on the internet. So much, in fact, that debunking these myths is a full-time profession for many people. NASA has had to take time out of exploring the universe to point out that it's not really possible to see The Great Wall of China from space. The History Channel needed to pause in its inquiry into the past to assure everyone that Vikings almost certainly didn't wear helmets with horns on them. With all the false facts being spread around, it's hard to know what's true and what's fiction cooked up by internet trolls.


In a quest to offer real information to people, one Redditor called DropShotter set up an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on the Reddit subthread, r/Costco, in which they tried to expose some of the major myths about the meat sold at Costco stores. This person claimed to have spent the past 15 years as a meat department employee and wanted to dispel some of the most common rumors.


One myth that DropShotter shot down is that meat with newer dates on the package doesn't mean it's better, and "contributes to wasted food." This claim is backed up by the USDA, which uses the "Best if Used By/Before" dates to say when a food product will have the best flavor. So long as it's used prior to that date, it's going to taste good whether or not it's the freshest cut.


More useful Costco meat knowledge


While the aim of DropShotter's AMA was to dispel deception, it also included some useful facts that might not be known about Costco's meat department. For example, the OP confirmed that Costco blade tenderizes its meat because "blade tenderizing definitely adds tenderness." He also said that Costco has an agreement with the USDA to "wash and sanitize the tenderizer every 4 hours to negate the possibility of bacteria." This is good news for carnivores who are concerned that mechanical tenderizing can cause contamination and illness (per PBS).


Some other useful tidbits that Costco shoppers might want to know are things like...


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