RSC proposes deep budget cuts in farm programs

Legislative Watch: Call for eliminating Agricultural Trade Promotion and Facilitation Program; McKalip's hearing; SMHPP begins; Beagle Brigade support.


P. Scott Shearer, National Hog Farmer

Jul 29, 2022


The Republican Study Committee has released the RSC Blueprint to Save America budget which proposes deep cuts in farm programs. Nearly 75% of the House Republicans are RSC members.


The budget proposals for agriculture include:


         Eliminating the Price Loss Coverage and Agriculture Risk Coverage programs.

         Phasing out the sugar program.

         Eliminating the milk program.

         Reform the Federal Crop Insurance Program by reducing the subsidies the government covers from 60% to 30%. It would also cap the overall amount of subsidies a single producer could receive.

         Prohibit new enrollments in the Conservation Reserve Program and the Conservation Stewardship Program.

         Eliminate the Agricultural Trade Promotion and Facilitation Program which includes the Foreign Market Development Program and the Market Access Program.

         Repeal the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program.


The budget proposes rolling back regulations, eliminating the estate tax and extending the expiring tax cuts enacted in 2017.


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