White Castle Chicken Rings to Reach Major Milestone with 3 Billion Sold; End-to-End Length Could Wrap Earth 3.8 Times


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via PRNewsire - Jul 28, 2022  


Special offer of 10 Chicken Rings for just $2.99 coincides with milestone


Starting this summer, customers in non-restaurant and restaurant markets alike can pick up their beloved Chicken Rings in freezer aisles of grocery and retail stores across the U.S.


COLUMBUS, Ohio, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- White Castle might be renowned for The Original Slider, but the 101-year-old family-owned business has also been satisfying cravings for a certain chicken side for nearly three decades — to the tune of 3 billion Chicken Rings sold since 1995. When placed end-to-end, the total Chicken Rings sold would stretch nearly 95,000 miles, or 3.8 times the circumference of Earth.


White Castle Chicken Rings, the fun, uniquely shaped, crispy all-white meat chicken, lightly breaded to perfection, are beloved both on their own and with one of three favorite dipping sauces — honey mustard, BBQ and ranch.


"This crave satisfaction milestone vividly illustrates something we've known for nearly three decades — Chicken Rings run circles around any nugget out there," said Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle. "To reach the 3-billion-sold milestone is an accomplishment the White Castle team takes significant pride in."


With the 3-billion-Chicken-Ring milestone in hand, White Castle now has its sights set on serving up its 4-billionth Chicken Ring. For a limited time only, it is offering the 10-piece Chicken Rings for $2.99 ($3.99 in Arizona, not available in New York or New Jersey). And for those who crave White Castle's signature bun, the new Bacon Ranch Chicken Ring Slider is made with two all-white meat chicken rings, crispy bacon, and zesty and creamy Hidden Valley® Original Ranch®. Customers can purchase two of these delicious sliders for only $3 at participating White Castles.


In a collaboration with Bellisio Foods, Inc., White Castle Chicken Rings are heading to freezer aisles. Packaged in a stand-up, resealable pouch, they're ready to satisfy every crave any time in the comforts of Cravers' homes.


About White Castle®


White Castle, America's first fast-food hamburger chain, has been making hot and tasty Sliders as a family-owned business for 101 years. Based in Columbus, Ohio, White Castle started serving The Original Slider® in 1921. Today, White Castle owns and operates more than 350 restaurants dedicated to satisfying customers' cravings morning, noon and night, and sells its famous fare in retail stores nationwide. The Original Slider, named in 2014 as Time magazine's "Most Influential Burger of All Time," is served alongside a menu of creatively crafted Sliders and other mouthwatering food options, including White Castle's Impossible™ Slider, named by Thrillist in 2019 as the "Best Plant-Based Fast-Food Burger." White Castle's commitment to maintaining the highest quality products extends to the company owning and operating its own meat processing plants, bakeries and frozen-food processing plants. In 2021, 100 years after the first Slider was sold, Fast Company named the fast-food pioneer one of the "10 Most Innovative Dining Companies." White Castle is known for the legendary loyalty of its team members, more than 1 in 4 of whom have worked for White Castle for at least 10 years, and also for its faithful fans ("Cravers"), many of whom compete each year for entry into the Cravers Hall of Fame. The official White Castle app, available at iTunes App Store or Google Play, makes it easy for Cravers to access sweet deals and place pickup orders at any time. They can also have their orders delivered using one of White Castle's delivery partners. For more information on White Castle, visit whitecastle.com.


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