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Director of CLEAR Center at UC Davis discusses how we communicate


By: Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production

via The Poultry Site - Jul 28, 2022


Dr. Frank Mitloehner, professor and air quality specialist in cooperative extension in the Department of Animal Science at UC Davis, and director of the Clarity and Leadership for Environmental Awareness and Research Center (CLEAR), discussed communicating the true impact of animal agriculture on the environment on the latest episode of the Food Chain Chats podcast.


“There are two things that are really important in any society,” according to Dr. Mitloehner. “One is health; the other is food. While people have a fairly good understanding of health … they do not have a good understanding of the food sector. That’s something that needs to change.”


As professor and air quality specialist at UC Davis, Dr. Mitloehner collaborates with the animal agriculture sector to improve efficiencies and mitigate pollutants. He also serves as director of the CLEAR Center, which brings clarity to the intersection of animal agriculture and the environment while helping further public understanding of the environmental and human health impacts of livestock. This, in turn, helps people make informed decisions about the foods they eat.


Mitloehner also stresses how those involved in the food system can clearly communicate the true impact of agriculture on the environment, in addition to building trust with consumers and sustainably producing food for the growing world population...


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