PRRS Eradication


Radio 570 WNAX (SD)

Jul 28, 2022


Efforts are continuing to eradicate the swine disease of Porcine Respiratory and Reproduction Syndrome (PRRS). 


University of Nebraska at Lincoln Extension Swine Specialist Benny Mote says in past years Nebraska pork producers were fortunate to generally avoid the deadly disease that has wiped out many hog herds in the Midwest.  However, he says more Nebraska swine operations are now being exposed to the disease. 


Mote says researchers are not certain as to what caused the swine disease to spread, other than they believe last year’s strong winds may be a factor. 


The UN-L swine researcher says PRRS costs the pork industry more than $660 million dollars each year.  He says although researchers are attempting to create a vaccine for the disease, it has been difficult since the virus can mutate so easily. 


Mote says research at both the University of Missouri have found a way to have hogs become resistant to the swine disease.  However...


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