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·         Hawaii Celebrates National SPAM Musubi Day On 8/08

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·         The Origin Of Hawaii's Most Popular Meal

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Hawaii Celebrates National SPAM Musubi Day On 8/08


Debbi Kickham, Contributor, Forbes

Jul 27, 2022


Years ago, I had a major, incredible, food experience while in Hawaii, and I took it very seriously.


Was it a top-shelf dinner, you ask?


Perhaps The Food Network was filming?


Was someone I know getting Chopped?


No to all of the above.


Truth be told, I attended a SPAMboree, which celebrated all-things-SPAM, and it was huge fun.


So now, get ready for another unprecedented SPAM event...


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The Origin Of Hawaii's Most Popular Meal


By Hope Ngo, Tasting Table

July 28, 2022


Each state has its own iconic dish. Arizona has its chimichangas, Colorado, its lamb chops, and Minnesota, its hotdish, per Taste of Home. And while different people might have different ideas about what Hawaii's culinary "thing" might be — spam musubi, anyone? — the plate lunch could well be the island meal that rules them all. The plate lunch is so iconic that former President Obama was said to have asked for it on a visit back to the islands, per The Mercury News.


The plate lunch is not for the faint of heart, nor for someone who doesn't have a sworn love affair with carbohydrates. The New York Times describes the "foundation" of a plate lunch as two servings of white rice and a side of mayonnaise-heavy macaroni salad. To that is added different types of proteins cooked in a variety of styles that reflect the cultural mix that is Hawaii's local population, whether it is Korean kalbi or barbecued beef short ribs, Chinese-style roast pork or char siu, Philippine adobo, Japanese chicken katsu, or even a loco moco — which is a grilled beef patty over rice with a fried over-easy egg on top and brown gravy on the side (via Hawaii Magazine).


The plate lunch goes back to the days Hawaii was filled with plantations


The treat that's found at most Hawaiian eateries for a song has been around for a while — even longer than the Rainbow Drive-In, which opened in 1961, per The Mercury News, and which counts former President Obama as a fan. Eater traces the origins of the plate lunch to the days when fruit plantations were the key drivers of Hawaii's economy and its workers came from different parts of the world...


The plate lunch has a healthy version ...


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