Company settles in Dallas to launch its plant-based protein empire


By Teresa Gubbins, Cuture Map Dallas (TX)

Jul 28, 2022


 Dallas is now home to an exciting plant-based enterprise that makes healthy proteins not from animals. Called Better Balance, the company started out in Spain, then Mexico, but its U.S. headquarters are Dallas.


Their products can be used just as you would with regular meat type things in recipes such as burgers, tacos, soups, sandwiches, and pastas.


Their lineup includes:


    Shreds, which can be marinated as chicken, beef, pork, or fish and provide a blank canvas allowing anyone to be a food artist and create incredible dishes

    Grounds, perfect for Bolognese pasta, plant-based meatballs, and hamburgers

    Hot Dogs, great for grilling and summer holiday celebrations

    Sour Cream and Cheese Sauce for dairy-free queso and nachos


They are currently available as a wholesale item and are found in more than 300 restaurants, theme parks, stadiums, and music festivals, including the Frisco RoughRiders stadium in Frisco,


Their newest partnership is Case del Vegano, an acclaimed vegan restaurant in Oak Cliff who are using their products for pupusas, garlic chicken nachos, and Southwestern chicken quesadillas.


But their parent company, Sigma, a multinational food company, has plans to start selling them directly to consumers later this year, and Dallas seemed like the right launch point, a spokesperson says due to the diverse local culinary scene and the ability to test different markets anywhere from Bishop Arts to Plano. They're also taking advantage of Dallas' reputation as a travel hub, with connectivity to their international teams in Mexico and Spain...