Power of Meat report discovers consumers' top 3 reasons for purchasing value-added meats


By Keith Loria, Supermarket Perimeter



A combination of inflation, a labor shortage and supply chain issues have caused consumers to cut back on spending in recent months. However, consumers are still wanting good quality meals and demand remains strong in most convenience meat segments as shoppers continue to look for easy ways to create their favorite meals. 


“It boils down to one word—convenience,” said Ozlem Worpel, director of fresh meats marketing for Tyson Foods, based in Springdale, Ariz. “Retailers are facing continued labor constraints, especially around high-demand seasons like summer grilling and the winter holidays. Sliced, diced and cubed protein or pre-seasoned or marinated meats help grocers maintain high-quality, consistent service for their shoppers with less pressure on staff.”


According to the 2022 Power of Meat report, the value-added category saw a 4.7% increase in dollar sales growth to represent more than $5 billion in 2021. Two-thirds of meat shoppers surveyed said that they “frequently” or “sometimes” purchased value-added products, compared to 37% in 2016. When asked their reason for purchasing value added meat products, the top replies from shoppers were time savings (28%), better taste or flavor (22%) and simply for something different (20%).


Value added meat protein was in extremely high demand during the pandemic.


“In the years leading up to the pandemic, consumers we surveyed began to view case ready offerings as equal or better quality than full-service products,” Worpel said. “Then, the pandemic fast-tracked grocery ecommerce adoption by several years. We’re seeing that a lot of shoppers who moved online plan to stay there, even as pandemic restrictions loosen. Further, as consumers continue to prepare more meals at home, convenience and variety are of increased importance, so they are experimenting with seasoned and marinated products for variety, or cubed/diced meats to save time.”


Annie Hennen, senior account executive for Chicago-based Midan Marketing, noted that with reduced foodservice options during the pandemic, retail convenience items had a chance to shine in the value-added meat space...


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