Celebrating National Wagyu Day on June 21st


London Post (UK)

June 22, 2022


Now known worldwide as fatty and delicious beef, Wagyurepresents one of the most sought-after beef. It is now synonymous with luxury and has won many admirers from around the world. This Japanese beef is derived from a Japanese cattle breed known for its physical endurance. This beef is a delight to food lovers because of its delicious taste and is also known for its rich energy source. Wagyu came to the United States in 1975, but then it was a few cattle. The breakthroughcame in 1989 when the Japanese moved to reduce tariffs on imported beef. It led to businesses producing high–quality products. Several imports occurred by the 1990s, with the Wagyu cattle having the greatest influence on American herds. Although Japan stopped importing beef after 2003, American chefs and businesses, realizing the high quality of Wagyu beef,moved to utilize the US production. This lends credence to the claim that Wagyu beef enjoys popularity at a national level in the United States.


The unique taste of Wagyu beef is perfectly complemented by its tenderness which makes it an exceptional dining experienceas far as consuming beef is concerned. This is the main reason it has found its way across the various restaurant and eating outlets in the United States. It may be a surprise to many that there currently is no National Wagyu day dedicated to celebrate the delicacy of Wagyu! That is why Steve Haddadin, an avid steak connoisseur looks to dedicate his birthday, June 21st to celebrating National Wagyu beef day across the United States.


With the first national Wagyu day celebrated by Steve Haddadinon June 21st, it is time to gear up for a campaign to have WagyuBeef Day acclaimed at the national level. Haddadin celebratedWagyu day at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse in Columbus by enjoying their A5 Wagyu from the Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan as shown in the picture. Jeff Ruby’s is one of the steak connoisseur’s favorite restaurants. The call to celebrate National Wagyu Beef Day is unprecedented, however the idea is to raise awareness about the Wagyu beef’s amazing benefits and tastes to the people as well as the Wagyu experience and authentication process.  Through the Japanese carcass verification bureau website, a user will be able to determine whether the Wagyu beef on their plate is genuine using the 10-digit cattle ID number on the certificate. A user who may not be able to read Japanese should use a google translate plug-in to navigate. When dining, you can request the chef to provide a copy of the authentication certificate to obtain the 10-digit cattle ID.


There are many reasons why we should celebrate Wagyu...