Cultured Meat: An Alternative to Counter Climate Change


By Faraha Rahman Lamiya, TechAcute

June 22, 2022


The UN has raised attention to the increasing meat consumption and its negative effect on climate change and the environment. The simple solution is to consume less meat and more vegetables. But this is easier said than done, especially for populations that heavily consume meat. An alternative to this growing problem is creating cultured or lab-grown meat.


What is cultured meat?


Cultured meat is like biomimicry but done with meat. The meat is cultivated in labs, going through several processes to culture. It first comes from a live animal’s stem cells separated from muscle cells.


The biopsy or sample is taken from cows, chickens, ducks, shrimp, rabbits, and tuna. Scientists create a duplicate of it without slaughtering any animal by:


·         culturing the stem cells

·         placing them in a warm sterile vessel, and

·         augmenting the growth medium and nutrients required for prefiltration such as, salt, proteins, and carbohydrates to multiply the cells in 24 hours.


After which, these transform into muscle cells and fat cells. These cells will be formatted into a slice of regular meat.


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