U.S. Feeder Cattle Exports Significantly Influenced by Demand for Proven Genetics


By Megan Underwood, Drovers  

June 22, 2022


“The power of the pedigree is what drives the interest in U.S. demand,” said Tony Clayton, Clayton Agri-Marketing Inc. president. Clayton gave his presentation titled “U.S. Genetic Exports: Where Are They Going and How Are They Doing?” during the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) Symposium June 3 in Las Cruces, New Mexico.


Clayton explained the impact of exporting U.S. feeder cattle to open new marketing opportunities that increase profitability and particular obstacles producers face when exporting feeder cattle.


Drivers of U.S. cattle export demand


The export market is driven by population growth, urbanization and expanding economies. The main driver is population growth and people drive the demand for agricultural products. The current demand is protein, meat and milk. This increased demand has opened the market for the genetics produced in the United States. U.S. genetics are a value-added product thus, international producers want to adopt U.S. genetic systems. He explained the years U.S. producers and breed associations have spent performance testing and developing expected progeny differences (EPDs) and genomics, has producers around the world looking to the U.S. as a leader in production of all species. Pedigrees of U.S. produced cattle have immense power to continuously strengthen the demand and export market.


“I explain to a lot of our clients that buying genetics with high genomics and EPDs is like buying a car. If you want the sunroof, it costs money. If you want the aluminum wheels, they cost money. We have a lot of misinformation out there and we work with clients to educate them on our genetic systems,” Clayton said.


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