Experts go over FAD detection and disposal


The Neighbor (GA)

June 22, 2022


The pork industry continues to prepare for the potential of a foreign animal disease outbreak, including developing plans for depopulation and disposal.


“It’s important we all have a plan in place,” says Stephanie Wisdom, director of animal welfare for the National Pork Board.


She spoke to producers during a seminar June 8 at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa.


In the event of an FAD outbreak, hog buildings will need to be depopulated, leaving a large number of pigs for disposal. Wisdom says while there are several methods that can be used for depopulation, producers need to be proactive when it comes to the process.


“Hope is not a plan,” she says. “Work with your veterinarian, your state pork organizations and your state veterinarian to come up with a plan.”


Wisdom says all depopulation systems are listed on the website of the American Veterinary Medicine Association (


“Choose your preference and make sure it’s available,” she says. “If it’s not an option in your area, then go on to the next plan.”


She says larger operations likely have a plan in place and encourages smaller operations to develop a depopulation and disposal program.


“You don’t want these decisions made for you,” Wisdom says.


Once buildings are depopulated, the carcasses will need to be disposed of, most likely on the affected farm. There are a variety of options, says Marguerite Tan, director of environmental programs for the pork board.


She also spoke to producers June 9.


Tan says the role of the state veterinarian’s office is to contain and control the outbreak, and to get producers up and running as quickly as possible. Steps include: