Cargill renews support of 4-H in Canada


Source: 4-H Canada

via Cochrane Now (Canada) - Jun 21 202


4-H Canada is pleased to announce a renewed partnership commitment supporting youth in Canada, with Cargill investing over $450,000 in the 4-H movement across Canada by 2024.


This partnership will focus on multiple levels of support for 4-H members and organizations across Canada in the coming two years, from grassroots to provincial agencies to national events.


“We believe 4-H Canada is creating the foundation for a promising future by preparing young leaders to make positive change in their communities,” said Jeff Vassart, president of Cargill Canada. “We are proud to partner with organizations like 4-H, because together we can work to inspire and prepare today’s youth to be breakthrough leaders who will help solve some of the world’s greatest challenges.”


To kick off the partnership, Cargill became the Presenting Sponsor of the Powered Up! and Making a Splash Outreach Initiatives in 2022, supporting club kits that encourage youth to get hands-on and have fun, while learning about the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - a set of 17 goals that encourage global citizens of all ages to help address critical issues like poverty, health, education, and the environment.


Powered Up! and Making a Splash are currently being rolled out across Canada, and will reach more than 5,000 youth, providing the opportunity to enjoy hands-on activities any time, from anywhere, while making meaningful contributions to their communities, country, and the world.


Also ahead, Cargill will bolster 4-H Canada’s Careers on the Grow programming, support the national 4-H Canada Members Forum, plus provide critical resources for programming by provincial 4-H organizations.


The investment in mentorship and hands-on career programming is an important area of focus for 4-H Canada, primarily by supporting youth in setting career goals, developing in-demand skills for today’s workforce, and gaining hands-on work experience. Cargill’s support is critical in helping 4-H address the skills and labour gap that exists in vital industries like agriculture in Canada...