The Beef Expert Network: How the Beef Checkoff Uses Influencer Marketing to Drive Demand


By Sallie Miller, CBB Co-Chair Domestic Marketing

via Drovers - June 22, 2022


I’m a cattle producer. I’m a member of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB). I’m an underwriter for an agricultural lending company. But perhaps most importantly, I’m the mother of a teenage daughter. As my husband and I have navigated the challenges of parenthood, we’ve made a joint effort to understand social media and its impact. And while social media may have gotten its start with the younger generation, its eruptive growth has spread across audiences of all ages. That growth has led to the rise of influencer marketing as a popular way to promote products and services – yes, even beef.


But what makes someone an influencer? And why should the beef industry turn to this relatively new form of marketing? Don’t all the great qualities of beef – nutrition, taste, variety – speak for themselves? These are all questions that my fellow members of the CBB’s Domestic Marketing Committee and I had before we started investigating the world of influencer marketing. And here’s what we’ve learned.


Influencers are individuals with perceived expertise or knowledge about certain topics and a decent online following. Their followers view them as trustworthy experts in their fields, and they often have significant power over their audiences’ purchasing decisions. Their recommendations can help brands expand their reach and messages. And while beef does have a lot going for it, spreading the word about beef’s positive attributes to diverse audiences takes time and effort. That’s precisely why influencer marketing has become an important tool for the Beef Checkoff as it continues to drive beef demand.


Currently, 22 influencers are part of the Beef Checkoff's Beef Expert Network. All are passionate about sharing beef’s story and promoting beef to their unique audiences. The Beef Checkoff-funded Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. brand works to create long-term relationships with these individuals, and all must have previously expressed passion about beef. They must be credible in their fields, create interesting content – post copy, videos, photos, graphics – and share them with engaged audiences on multiple social media platforms…