Starbucks UK adopts Better Chicken Commitment across 1,000 stores

Chicken suppliers must meet the policy’s strict welfare requirements


By: Global Ag Media

via The Poultry Site - 21 June 2022


Starbucks has signed up to the Better Chicken Commitment (BCC) for its UK stores. This will require their suppliers to meet the policy’s strict welfare requirements for 100% of their fresh, frozen and processed chicken by the end of 2026, affecting all of their 1,000+ UK stores.


Starbucks will work closely with farmers and suppliers to enact the change, as well as annually reporting on their progress.


“Starbucks is a household name, and another huge company signing onto the Better Chicken Commitment shows that the policy is going from strength to strength," said Matthew Melton, corporate relations manager at The Humane League UK. "With Starbucks committing, those companies refusing to sign the BCC are increasingly becoming outliers, and will be responsible for a disproportionate amount of animal cruelty.”


With Starbucks now signed on, seven of the UK’s ten largest restaurant chains will be BCC compliant by 2026, including Greggs, Pret a Manger, KFC & Pizza Hut, Nando’s, Burger King and Subway...


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