What Will Make Headlines in the June 2022 Hogs & Pigs Report?


By Jennifer Shike, FarmJournal's Pork 

June 21, 2022


Three economists take a look at the issues most likely to spark attention in the upcoming USDA Quarterly Hogs & Pigs Report to be released on June 29.


Altin Kalo, head economist with Steiner Consulting Group


"For me, the breeding herd number is always key. There is a lot of uncertainty about the Supreme Court decision regarding California’s Prop 12. High feed costs and futures retreat will likely keep any expansion plans on ice. One way or another I think the breeding herd numbers will be in the headlines."


Nathan Losey, grain and livestock market analyst with AgResource Company


"The most important numbers in my mind will be the March-May farrowings relative to the March farrow intentions. The March Hogs and Pigs report did not show any breeding herd expansion, so I want to see if the farrowings will confirm that. Also, I will be looking at the summer and fall farrowing intentions and the June 1 breeding herd inventory. Historically, when we have seen the margins of the past year, we have also seen industry expansion. So far that has not happened...


Christine McCracken, executive director and senior animal protein analyst at Rabobank ...